PhD In…

Hi there, thanks for wandering over to my virtual abode. My name is Jason Strambouli and I am a certified web designer/developer though my background would never suggest the same. While this is my creation, my baby, it isn’t my sole possession and this site isn’t for those looking to see examples of my previous works. In fact, its just my way of venting out my frustrations, my musings and my thoughts out in the open.

A little about me…

I am from a small village up in the lower quadrants of Slovakia. For me life has been relatively easy up until my post-teen years when I truly began to understand the cruel nature of life itself. I lost both my parents to an accident and my baby sister suddenly became my top priority. It was a tough one year and I had just enrolled into college to study economics. While it was a tough year, it also happened to be the year I looked around for multiple jobs. I landed one as a waiter but the pay wasn’t enough to cover my sister’s education and my living costs. So, I looked to the internet and found I could write a little better than others. From there on, it was just a case of learning and improving on what I already had – a nack for languages and design. I consider having done a PhD in web design though no certificate with attest to the fact. LOL

The Premises For The Site

Okay so what can you expect from me? Well for starters not anything ordinary. I am not going to bore your to death with mundane daily occurrences in my life, neither riddle you cold with my love life. Any topic that suits my fancy will make it here. It can be something philosophical or something entirely political. By the way, feel free to suggest topics or leave comments!