I Just Learnt How To Preserve Food Indefinitely – Well Almost

Summer’s here and as the mercury rises, the thermostat in my fridge starts to crank into the red zone. Leftovers begin to rot, fresh vegetables don’t last more than a couple of days and juice simply turns rancid. I tend to buy less perishable items in summer just because of the shelf life. Well, I did that until recently.

My vacuum sealerDid you know a vacuum sealer can actually help you prolong the life of items in your fridge? I stumbled across a website by mistake and it turned out to be on vacuum sealer reviews. This site definitely wasn’t huge on practical information but it did help me realize the value of getting one of these modern day gadgets.

Who knew that you could actually remove air from a package and that in itself would keep food well preserved? So, I got myself a chamber vacuum sealer that I picked from the website and it did not come cheap. I actually went against all advice to start with a cheaper model something that would give me a taste of what sealing without air can do and how useful it can be not just to store but also cook!

In the end, it came down to whether I was sold enough with the concept. A deeper search revealed that such a device exists and works just fine. In fact, astronauts are given vacuum sealed packets to ensure longevity and prevent contamination. Yup, those ugly looking packets that supposed to taste awkward – the same one’s military uses – they are all vacuum sealed. And this one fact sold the concept to me. (Read all about it here!)

So, what did I do with my brand new expensive toy? I promptly began sealing meat and poultry. Why? Well, I cook a lot and I like my meat to be as fresh as possible so previously I would go out into the market and get stuff for just a day or two in advance. This time around though I got a lot, say about for a week in advance and tried sealing them up. A week later, the taste was unaltered – as if it were cut yesterday!

In the one week I actually used up a brand new roll of packing material. Fruits, veggies, leftovers – you name it and I sealed and refrigerated it. My fridge now looks more like a mortician’s playground than a kitchen appliance.

This week, I realized there are more benefits to having a sealer and it has got to do with basic storage. Storing paper, clothes for longer periods and not having to worry about humidity or mold – that to me is an even bigger advantage! A chamber sealer actually does this perfectly although an external type would also suffice.

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